Logging Savannah, Jackson, TN

Logging Services in Savannah & Jackson, TN

Call Hardin County Mowing / Tri-State Mowing for logging services

If you have trees and need an expert to handle the logging for you, give Hardin County Mowing / Tri-State Mowing a call. We handle trees that are 12in or more in diameter at the top, known as "select cut". Typically these are hardwoods like white oak, red oak, pine, and sycamore. The great news is that not only are we harvesting your high quality trees for other purposes and helping clear your land, you'll get a portion of the profit as well! Call us for more information today.

If you want to put your trees to good use, call a local tree logging service instead of leaving the wood to rot on your Savannah or Jackson, TN property. Hardin County Mowing / Tri-State Mowing can assist you if...

  • You need to remove trees before building a house or room addition
  • You're worried about trees falling on your roof or fence
  • You'd like to free up space in your front yard or back yard