If You Can Grow It, We Can Mow It

Mowing and bush hogging services in Savannah, Henderson, & Jackson, TN

Your grass and shrubs are going to grow, whether you have the equipment, time and energy to handle them or not. Instead of toiling away in the yard, leave the mowing and bush hogging to Hardin County Mowing / Tri-State Mowing in Savannah, Tennessee.

As our name implies, we’re ready to handle mowing and bush hogging all over the Savannah, Henderson, & Jackson TN areas, including nearby Mississippi and Alabama. We’re fully licensed and insured for all of our work and can come out as often as you need us.

Whether you want to avoid hours of mowing this season or need someone to clear out an overgrown lot, you can count on Hardin County Mowing / Tri-State Mowing. Call today to request bush hogging and mowing services in Savannah, Henderson, and Jackson, TN.

Need a large lot cleared and mowed? We can do that.

Bush hogging services in Savannah, Henderson, & Jackson, TN, Corinth MS, & Florence AL

We’ve got the equipment to take down the tallest, toughest, most overgrown areas. Our services are ideal for clearing land that got a little out of control and for keeping large areas such as fields cut and clean.

Don’t overburden your lawnmower or let an area get so overgrown you can’t use it. Call Hardin County Mowing / Tri-State Mowing today for bush hogging services in the Savannah and Jackson Tennessee areas.

You've got better things to do than mow the lawn

Residential and commercial mowing in Savannah, Henderson, & Jackson

Why spend hours pushing a mower around the lawn? With Hardin County Mowing / Tri-State Mowing, you can put your free time to better use, because we’ll be there to handle all of your residential and commercial mowing needs. Call today to have a local, licensed and insured company take over the tiresome task of mowing in Savannah, TN.

We're your mowing experts!

  • Serving the Tri-State area since 2009
  • Will travel within 100 miles for large projects
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Licensed, insured, & locally owned
  • Member of Elks Club
  • Member of VFW

Other Services

We also offer stump grinding for any of those pesky stumps on your property. During the cold winter months, you can call us for snow removal and salting as well!



If you have trees and need an expert to handle the logging for you, give Hardin County Mowing a call. We handle trees that are 12in or more in diameter at the top, known as "select cut". Typically these are hardwoods like white oak, red oak, pine, and sycamore. The great news is that not only are we harvesting your high quality trees for other purposes and helping clear your land, you'll get a portion of the profit as well! Call us for more information today.

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